The term “clinical trial” typically refers to any medical research that uses people to help test new medications or medical devices.  In order to conduct these studies, researchers and research facilities must follow strict rules to ensure the overall safety of their study participants.  The ultimate goal of these clinical trials is to learn if a potential new medication or medical device is safe and effective in treating a particular disease or condition.

As a research site, Clinical Trials of South Carolina is dedicated to bringing these new advances to our community. An important part of that commitment is educating potential participants on the process, value and benefits associated with clinical trials.

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If you choose to volunteer for a research study, you will receive new treatments and/or drugs before they are available to the public, and your opinions can help shape medical options for years to come.

As a research volunteer, you receive medical treatment for the condition indicated in the trials as well as free medical and laboratory care. You also receive all study drugs free of charge and many studies even pay participants for their time and travel.

On top of the medical and financial rewards, many patients take part in research because they appreciate the close medical care they receive during a study.

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