Clinical Trials of South Carolina is an independent, multi-therapeutic outpatient clinical research site, which conducts Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. Our research staff is comprised of board certified physicians and nurses, clinical research coordinators, a dedicated regulatory and quality assurance coordinator, and assistants.

Clinical Trials of South Carolina focuses on the treatment and medical advances within many fields of medicine. Our practice has conducted a multitude of trials in varying therapeutic areas and developed a strong reputation for quality research. Our practice prides ourselves on our industry track record of giving Sponsors and CRO’s what they are looking for in a study site:

  • High Performance Numbers
  • Quality Data
  • Timely Response
  • High Retention Rates
  • Time of First Enrollment

Looking for a dedicated, independent research facility for upcoming trials?  Experience the Clinical Trials of South Carolina difference:

  • Experienced management staff
  • Professional, dedicated CRCs
  • Accurate and timely IRB submission and approval
  • Onsite training for physicians and staff (ongoing)
  • Audit ready studies
  • Accurate and timely CRF completion
  • Complete regulatory compliance
  • Professionally developed corporate SOPs
  • Effective study volunteer recruitment
  • Consistent low failure rate with thorough screening of patients
  • Rapid, responsive communications
  • Study specific, site-based recruitment plan and materials
  • Dedicated regulatory specialist

We actively recruit from a database of 20,000 existing patients in addition to recruiting through an extensive physician referral network, television and newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, and health fairs. With a demographic population from the Midlands to the Lowcountry, we can choose from various multicultural and multiethnic populations.