About Our Site

Clinical Trials of South Carolina is an independent, multi-therapeutic outpatient clinical research site, which conducts Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials. Our research staff is comprised of board certified physicians and nurses, clinical research coordinators, a dedicated regulatory and quality assurance coordinator, and assistants.

Why Choose Clinical Trials of South Carolina?

  • Excellence in Enrollment:   With access to over 100,000 patients across our investigator network, our site is able to quickly enroll qualified study participants
  • Data Delivery:  At Clinical Trials of South Carolina, we understand that part of quality research is quality data.  We pride ourselves on clean, quality data delivery
  • Patient Retention:  Beyond enrollment, we understand that randomization and retention is KEY to a successful trial and we deploy customized strategies to ensure our long term patient engagement
  • Patient Care:  At the heart of every research trial is one important component:  the patient.  Clinical Trials of South Carolina prides ourselves on delivering access and quality healthcare to South Carolina patients

Meet Our Investigators